Shrink Wrap is the Most Economical Way to Pack and Store Product

10 Jun 2013

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If you are a company that packs or ships product or materials, shrink wrap is the most popular and most inexpensive material used for packing. Today, you can buy hand held shrink wrap, machine shrink wrap or an economical alternative called discount shrink wrap. Overall however, shrink wrap is the most economical way to pack and store and it offers products complete protection from theft and damage.

Shrink wrap or stretch film is used to pack boxes, pallets of food, DVDs, electronic equipment, palatalized products, appliances and numerous other items. Shrink film is also used during storage, to keep items contained and secure on warehouse shelves then, making these same pallets easier to move around and transport. Stretch film also protects products against theft.

Hand held shrink wrap uses high temperatures to shrink, but there is also shrink wrap that can be used in one step shrink wrap machines. Shrink wrap films are available as low-temp film, anti-fog film and pre-perforated film.

Poly shrink film can also be used to wrap large items like boats and cars for the winter and most comes with UV protection.  Generally, prices depend on the length, width, and shine and clarity qualities. For more information or a quote on shrink wrap, contact Atlantic Poly.