Specialty Polyethylene Bags Protect Products from Harsh Environments

07 Mar 2014

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Biotech companies, pharmaceutical companies, electronics manufacturers, and companies with government contracts are all businesses that require the use of specialty polyethylene bags. Specialty polyethylene bags are used in businesses or manufacturing facilities where there are stringent requirement to protect products against moisture, salt, static electricity and any other type of contamination.

If your business relies on protecting its products from these harsh items and environments during storage or shipment, Atlantic Poly can supply Mil Spec Bags, Anti Static Bags, Clean Room ISO Certified Bags, and Vapor Inhibitor Bags that are right for your business application. Whether the bags are needed to protect custom ASICs in expensive high end electronics, for military applications, or to protect people from hazardous waste we have the specialty polyethylene bags that you need.

Industries that use specialty poly bags include agriculture, biomedical, semiconductor electronics, manufacturing, medical, military and defense programs, pharmaceutical, and hazardous waste.

For more information on our Specialty Polyethylene Bags, contact Atlantic Poly.