Staple Pack Bags: Increase Product Protection and Shipping Efficiency

24 Apr 2022

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Atlantic Poly -  Staple Pack Bags

How your products are packaged has a direct impact on profitability. Your product packaging materials and internal packaging processes directly and significantly impacts your balance sheet. When you use quality packaging products like our staple pack bags, you enjoy perfect product protection and ease of use. The latter improves the efficiency of your human resources, the former limits/eliminates product loss. This is a prescription for profitability

Staple-pack poly bags meet the phasing standard of work efficiency with its fast, easy product handling and packaging. It is used for easy dispensing. It levels up the efficiency in the production line because the operators are not spending too much time handling individual poly bags. The normal procedure is placing the multiple bags neatly arranged on a chipboard header that will upgrade the packing process by removing the unpacking of loose bags one at a time from a box. These staple pack bags are convenient in ordering various size hang holes punched through the chipboard header and the bags. It gives easy and fast work to the packaging operator to easily remove a bag from the chipboard header after the product is placed inside. It is a very reliable packaging which is accessible, fast and convenient in packing products.

The proper application in using staple pack bags helps the packaging process become more efficient which will lead to improved profitability. These staple pack bags are offered for food and non food packaging and many others. Adding more, this pack will be customized depending on the size and gauge or thickness of the material of the bag.

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