Stretch Film Protects Materials and Products

13 Aug 2013

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At Atlantic Poly we offer a wide range of packaging. Shrink wrap is a safe, secure and easy way to ship and store. Our film supplies include:

Stretch Film is not a very expensive protective plastic wrap which can be used on all kinds of materials including machinery, chemicals, palatalized items, and furniture.  Stretch film stretches to wrap around objects tightly, it does not require heat to secure it.

Hand Held Film has super tight wrap which reduces separation during shipping and increases security against pilferage. This film is wrapped by hand and does not require extra machinery.

Machine wrap is used for the same types of applications. However, machine wrap may be used for companies that use more film or shrink wrap.

Pallet Stretch Wrap protects materials and products from dirt, moisture and theft.

We also carry options of discount shrink film for a more economical option.

We can help you choose the best film for your application. If you want to improve your packaging costs, or if you are a company that needs to cut down on product breakage or pilfering, our packaging films are the perfect option to bring down costs.
Regardless of if you need hand stretch wrap or pallet wrap for a larger operation, our stretch films are what companies use and trust which are puncture resistant and can retain very heavy loads with outstanding tear resistance with superior stretch and cling.

For great quality and great value on film packaging, contact Atlantic Poly.