Surface Protection and Dust Shields for Construction Companies and Contractors

18 Oct 2013

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More and more homeowners are remodeling. More and more remodeling companies, builders, painters and contractors are getting busier. You can get even more business through referrals. Referrals happen for many reasons. Most are a result of the finished product, many are from the customer service, and some are because of the employees. But for remodeling companies, painters, and contractors did you know that neatness makes a difference to your customers?

Women drive the home remodeling industry. Contractors need to keep the customers, the homeowners, happy by controlling dust from remodeling projects with surface protection and dust shields. Renovation projects are hard enough on the home or business owner, keeping the dust and mess to a minimum is helpful and ‘referral worthy’ to any customer.

Hardwood floors and carpets can be protected and preserved with floor protection film. If you are remodeling a home or business, temporary walls or dust shields can also be used to control dust and debris from entering the spaces that cannot be separated with doors or existing walls. Temporary walls are perfect for protecting adjacent rooms.

Whether you are a painter, renovator, or contractor you need the job site to remain clean and organized for the owners. At the end of the day, the neater and more dust-free the home, the more neighbors they will tell.

Protect  carpets, floors and other rooms with plastic, disposable surface protection products from Atlantic Poly, contact us.