The Many Uses of Bubble Wrap - Boston, MA

23 Aug 2019

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Atlantic Poly Bubble wrap in Providence, RI

The most common reason to use bubble wrap is for wrapping frail and fragile items that are for transport or shipping. You may not be aware of bubble wrap’s countless other uses. In this blog, you'll be amazed to know how versatile bubble wrap is and what other applications you can take advantage of this multi-purpose poly material:

  • Vegetable Draw Liner - Cut a piece of polyethylene bubble wrap, conforming it to the size of your vegetable drawer, then, apply it at the bottom. The bubble wrap will serve as a protective cushion preventing the fruits and veggies from rolling around which causes them to bruise and spoil easily.
  • Hand Protection Against Blisters - Mopping or scrubbing the floor requires a substantial muscle strength. Consequently, the task take its toll to your hands leading to painful blisters. You can minimize this by applying a strip of bubble wrap around the equipment's handle particularly the area where your grip it during use.
  • Insulated Bag - Line in a bubble wrap inside your grocery tote bag. This will help keep cold items stay chilled during travel.
  • Car Insulation - It may be used to insulate windows or making your windscreen frost-free. Apply a sheet of bubble wrap on the windscreen and clamp it down using the car's wipers. It will help prevent frost foaming car issues.

The aforementioned applications are just a partial list, there are actually countless of innovative ways where you can use bubble wraps in Boston, MA to resolve situations. To find out more about bubble packs and wrap, contact Atlantic Poly.