The Multiple Use Applications of Poly Tubing Rolls

14 Jun 2019

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Atlantic Poly Poly Tubing Rolls in  Boston, MA

Layflat poly tubing, also known as poly tubing roll is a versatile plastic wrap utilized in myriads of industrial applications. Poly tubing can accommodate multiple items with varying dimensions because it has the ability to create various package lengths. With poly tubing rolls, you can create custom bags that are perfect fit for your products. Here are some common uses of lay flat plastic tubing:

  • Food Products - Polyethylene tubing are typically use to package food items. It provides a safe and hygienic way to store fresh food or frozen products.
  • Items for shipping - No matter what the size, it can provide extra protection to various items. Since it can be sealed by staplers, twist ties or hand sealers, your items can remain dust-free. It is also water proof and tear resistant so it is very ideal for items that requires additional protection during handling and transport.
  • Ducting works - In factories and industrial sites, they are used as temporary way to control air flow. It can be utilized for ventilation or as a method to take hot or cold air to another section or room on site.

Poly tubing offers an affordable and convenient way to handle different needs. If you need customized poly tubing for your business, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.