Use Polyethylene Holders to Organize and Protect Important Items - Boston, MA

07 Aug 2014

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Polyethylene holders in Boston, MA are very useful and popular in business. They act as clear sleeves or semi-transparent pouches that are custom-designed to hold and protect delicate and valuable papers from being scratched or tampered with. Often they are used to hold compact discs, computer diskettes, business cards, job tickets, name badges, licenses, passbooks, passports, keys and coins as well as certificates.

Polyethylene ID holders can be worn by employees. They can be made with pins or clips so they can be easily attached to the users’ clothes. Vinyl ID badges can also be made with lanyards or hooks to hang around the neck or fastened to key chains. Some are pressure sensitive versions that can be applied as clear coverings.

Polyethylene holders provide an efficient solution for protecting important items while still allowing the content to be visible or accessible. They also offer convenience in separating and handling of business cards, index cards or tags for safekeeping. These holders are very helpful for individuals who possess many business cards or CD’s that need to be transported often.

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