Use Polyethylene Layflat Tubing for Packaging Products of Varying Length - Providence, RI

29 Aug 2014

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Layflat tubing in Providence, RI is the most common and most comprehensive stock of polyethylene tubing available. It is a high quality polyethylene film that is ideal for packaging, wrapping, or sealing irregularly shaped or medium to extra-long products. It is formulated to have excellent puncture resistance so it can deliver higher strength when it comes to protecting items at a lower cost.

The flexibility with respect to dimension makes these bags applicable for but not limited to protecting items against dirt, dust, and moisture. Whether it is for light or heavy duty purposes, you can always find layflat tubing to fit any specific requirement in many different applications, particularly in factories and warehouses.

The layflat can be tied, stapled, or taped. But you will need a poly tubing impulse sealer with a cutter for ease and facility in making your own custom-sized bags. With this, you will no longer need for a large and expensive inventory of poly bags in different sizes and rather use layflat as protective sheets for carpet rolls, fluorescent light bulbs, and the like. It can also be customized to cover warehouse equipment or storing mattresses during a move, or for other large objects.

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