Use Polyethylene Plastic Shrouds for Protection and Advertising in Boston, MA

19 May 2015

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Poly shrouds in Boston, MA come in a wide range of sizes so they can fit even very large objects. These polyethylene shields provide a combination for advertising and strength in order to achieve custom packaging at an economical price.

Polyethylene plastic shrouds come in rolls for ease in dispensing. They are an ideal solution if you are looking for a material that can provide full coverage for your products regardless of their length, width, and height. They are also a tight, formfitting packaging material for those items with irregular shapes which helps reduce damage.

While ploy shrouds come in different dimensions, our polyethylene plastic shrouds can be clear or colored and depending on the specific requirements and application. They can be custom-designed to bear photo-quality images, logos, and other graphics to help promote your products. Each poly shroud can be custom-printed to match the cover size of the products that need to be protected. As a result, you can have high impact advertising on all sides of the product you are also protecting.

To find out more about poly shrouds and other polyethylene products you can use in your business, contact the Atlantic Poly.