Vinyl Pouches and Wallets: Perfect for Organizing

11 Jun 2014

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Vinyl is a heavy duty plastic produced to be very versatile and durable. It can be customized to create various types of pouches and other packaging materials. Eyelets, magnets, zippers, or other features can be added to make useful and portable vinyl pouches in Norwood, MA. Vinyl can be used to create clearer and cleaner, more economical and efficient products – definitely a material with infinite uses.

Vinyl pouches are ideal for specialty displays and document organizers. They can be conveniently adhered to binders, books, cabinets, folders, walls – anywhere you need to safely and securely store important items.

The vinyl pouch product line includes vinyl wallets. They can be used to hold important documents like airline tickets or policy papers. They are also often used in business transactions like covering check books or protecting business cards. Small-sleeved vinyl pouches can be used to hold credit cards and ATM cards. They can also play a role of a marketing tool as larger size vinyl wallets can be used as presentation folders or registration.

Vinyl wallets as well as other vinyl-based products can be used for promotion and packaging. They are widely used for commercial purposes and industrial applications, particularly in management and material handling.

Atlantic Poly Vinyl pouches and pockets can be made to your specifications. Size, shape, clarity, color, and even the type of closure can all be up to you. You have a wide range of options from features to functionality. Everything can be made-to-order depending on the dimensions and designs you have decided. For all your problems on packaging and concerns on customization, check out Atlantic Poly.