Co-Extruded Poly Mailers

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Co-Extruded Poly Mailers

Co-Extruded Poly Mailers are a type of poly mailer that are used for shipping and mailing items. They are made from a combination of two or more layers of polyethylene, which provide added strength and protection for the items being shipped.

The benefits of using Co-Extruded Poly Mailers include:

  1. Durability: The co-extrusion process results in a stronger and more durable poly mailer, providing increased protection for the items being shipped.
  2. Water resistance: Co-Extruded Poly Mailers are resistant to water, helping to protect the contents during transit.
  3. Lightweight: Co-Extruded Poly Mailers are lightweight, which helps to reduce shipping costs.
  4. Customization: Co-Extruded Poly Mailers can be custom printed with a company logo or branding message, providing an opportunity for companies to promote their brand.
  5. Cost-effectiveness: Co-Extruded Poly Mailers are a cost-effective solution for shipping items, compared to other packaging options such as boxes or envelopes.

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