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"Green Plastics" Help Your Company "Go Green"

06 Feb 2012

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"How do we use less plastic" and "is there any biodegradable plastics" are two questions that are common today with the efforts that businesses are making to “go green”. Manufacturers and garbage experts say that in the long run, plastic wins over paper.

There are different types of biodegradable plastic, and their costs and uses are very different. The two main types are oxo-biodegradable and hydro-biodegradable.  Oxo-biodegradable plastics are “good” biodegradable plastic. When purchasing biodegradable plastic bags and plastic products, be sure the product is made from Oxo-biodegradable plastic.

Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic bags are better for the environment.  The technology is based on a very small amount of pro-degradant additive being added into the manufacturing process, which changes the behavior of the plastic. Once oxo-biodegradable plastic bags are exposed to UV rays or intense heat, they start to degrade into natural waste.
There is little or no additional cost involved in products made with this technology, which can be made with the same machinery as conventional plastic products.

Hydro-biodegradable plastics are not genuinely “renewable” because they use quite a bit of fossil fuels and produce greenhouse gases.

Paper bags use 300% more energy to produce. They are also bulky and heavy to store and are generally not strong enough. They also emit methane in a landfill.

So before your company decides to eliminate plastic, be sure you understand the different types of biodegradable plastics and the cost to the environment for paper.

At Atlantic Poly, many of our plastic bags, shrink wrap and packing materials are made with Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic; contact us.


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