Atlantic Poly Is Staffed and Ready To Execute Your Final 2011 Orders

28 Dec 2011

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We hope you had a great Christmas and wish you all the best for the upcoming New Year's celebration.

We know that for many of you it is "business as usual" this week, especially for you Financial Officers executing the remainder of your 2011 fiscal plans.  We know this to be true because, as usual, our phones are very active and we are glad to be ready and able to help you enter 2012 fully stocked on your poly bags and packaging products.

We're accustomed to being busy every year at this time because many of our client's industries are heavily engaged in fourth-quarter shipping.  We support packaging for electronics, film, jewelry, textiles, food, dinnerware, hardware, office supplies, shipping, and a host of other industries.  

All of us at Atlantic Poly want you to know that it has been our pleasure working hard for all of you this week and of course throughout this calendar year.  We also want you all to know that we will continue to work hard for you throughout the rest of the week to ensure we execute your orders prior to year's end.

Finally, we hope each of you had a profitable 2011, and wish you only increased success for 2012.