Atlantic Poly Offers a Wide Selection of Consumer Product Packaging Options

22 Feb 2011

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We have people tell us that it is hard to get a complete understanding of what Atlantic Poly does.  This is a common problem (a good problem by the way) for any firm that offers a myriad of custom product offerings.  Therefore, for simplicity sake, when you think “Atlantic Poly”, think “product packaging”.  It is no more complicated than that.  

If you manufacture goods, we package your goods for shipment.  If your property or plant requires protection from the environmental element, we seal, wrap and protect.  We manufacture everything from plastic grocery/shopping bags to “Polyethylene roll off bin liners” and most everything in-between.  

There is an application for Atlantic Poly products in every single consumer market.  However, a number of specialized markets prove to be our biggest draws.  They are:

We offer sixteen total unique product categories with multiple custom product offerings within each category.  For example, our "Polyethylene Bags" product category spans thirteen different product offerings that range from Dry Cleaning Bags to Discount Shrink Film.  Lean about each in detail by visiting our website’s product pages.