Made in the USA Plastic Bags are Less Expensive than Imported

11 Jun 2012

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In the past, there were many imported plastic bags that were less expensive than domestic. For this reason there was a conception that all imported were cheaper than plastic bags made here.

Things have changed. In most cases, American made plastic bags and packaging materials are less expensive than their imported counterparts. What has changed? A few things that have raised the prices of imported plastic bags.

Anti-Dumping tariffs have been implemented, Reduction or elimination of Chinese government polyethylene resin subsidies, and the cost of moving factories from tariff affected countries (China and Vietnam) to non tariff countries (Cambodia, Laos) have all raised import prices.

For these reason, as well as a much shorter lead time, your company should consider domestic plastic bags and plastic product manufacturers for many plastic bags and plastic liners, tape, and packing materials. Contact Atlantic Poly, over 95% of our products are made in the USA.