Packaging and Shipping Materials for the 'Season of Shipping'

13 Dec 2012

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This is the season of shipping. If you are in the shipping business, whether you are a manufacture, online store or retailer, you have most likely been going through a lot of shipping and packaging materials.
Regardless of if you need plastic bags, corrugated boxes or bubble wrap, Atlantic Poly has the packaging and shipping materials you need to get your products safely from origination to destination.

Atlantic Poly carries a wide selection of corrugated boxes to ensure safe, secure delivery for all your products.  Polyethylene Bubble Wrap provides outstanding protection from damage caused by shock, vibration or abrasion.

From shipping clothes to fragile electrical components, we have the products that will fit your budget and your needs. Custom printing is available as well as custom sizes on many products. Contact us if shipping and packaging materials are cutting into your budget.