Protect Your Shipping Materials With Atlantic Poly's Bubble Wrap

02 Feb 2011

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A lot of us have had it happen before when you either send or receive an item and the item that is inside it suffers a breakage during delivery. You can often tell in an instant and before you have even opened it that what is inside is broken because you can hear the rattle of the numerous pieces inside. Obviously this is something that you do not want to be happening. The best way to stop this from happening is by making sure that when you send any packages, you ensure that any fragile items are surrounded by adequate cushioning. Bubble wrap is the most effective and used product to protect your goods when shipping.

Since bubble wrap was invented in the late 1950's it has gone on to become a world wide product used on a daily basis. The bubble wrap that we have is available a vary of sizes, with the smallest usually being around 6mm in diameter and the larger ones being more than 25mm diameter. The different sizes are suitable for different needs. Smaller diameter sheets are generally stronger and more resistant to bursting so can provide good protection for more fragile items. On the other hand, the larger diameter sheeting provides a softer cushioning which is perfect for use on larger items that are not as susceptible to breakages.

Whether you are sending items during a move or it is for your commercial business Atlantic Poly has got you covered in helping your product be safe and secure with our bubble wrap.  It is extremely advisable to make sure you pack your goods properly and using bubble wrap to protect items is a very good way of doing so. We have been servicing our customers for over 28 years. Every month, we ship millions of poly bags and other packaging products. So contact us today should you need any polyethylene products or poly packing supplies.