Recycle More Commercial Packaging with Help from Atlantic Poly

26 Nov 2012

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Did know that Rhode Island officials are looking for ways to increase the recycling of packaging materials like plastic bags?

A special legislative commission has been tasked with recommending ways to encourage manufacturers to reduce, reuse or recycle packaging material with the aim of minimizing how much of it ends up in the state’s landfills.

Finding ways to conserve plastic, paper and glass packaging material will benefit the environment. It is not good business practice to send to the landfill items that can be reused.

Atlantic Poly, a New England based polyethylene supplier and national wholesale distributor of plastic products, can help. We can help in your businesses recycling efforts and help conserve our environment by helping  your company's bottom line, reducing your waste disposal costs, and providing possible tax benefits for recycling material.

If you are disposing of stretch film, pallet wrap, poly bags, films, and LDPE and HDPE, we can help you remove these material from your company's waste stream and turn that would-be waste into usable American made products such as recycled poly bags and roll-off liners.

For more information, contact Atlantic Poly.

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