American Made and Custom Branded Wicketed Poly Bags

26 May 2023

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Atlantic Poly - Custom Branded Wicketed Poly Bag

Atlantic Poly's Wicketed poly bags, also known as wicket bags, are versatile packaging solutions that find applications in various industries. Also they can be custom branded for product identification and/or for your business branding purposes. Here are some common applications of wicketed poly bags:

Food Packaging: Wicketed poly bags are commonly used in the food industry to package a wide range of products. They are ideal for packaging items like bread, baked goods, produce, snacks, and frozen foods. The bags provide excellent product visibility and protection against moisture, ensuring the freshness and quality of the food.

Retail Packaging: Wicketed poly bags are widely used in retail environments for packaging items such as apparel, textiles, accessories, and small products. The bags can be customized with branding and logos, making them an attractive packaging option for retail stores. They are often used for displaying and dispensing products on store shelves or racks.

Industrial Packaging: Wicketed poly bags are used in various industrial applications to package and protect a wide range of products. They are commonly used for packaging hardware, fasteners, small parts, and components. The bags can be easily opened, filled, and sealed, making them convenient for packaging operations in industrial settings.

Pharmaceutical Packaging: Wicketed poly bags are suitable for pharmaceutical packaging requirements. They can be used to package items like tablets, capsules, and other small medical products. The bags offer protection against moisture, tampering, and contamination, ensuring the integrity of the pharmaceutical products.

E-commerce Packaging: With the growth of e-commerce, wicketed poly bags are becoming popular for packaging products sold online. They provide lightweight and cost-effective packaging solutions for items such as clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and small household goods. The bags can be easily sealed and labeled for efficient shipping and handling.

Promotional Packaging: Wicketed poly bags can be customized with branding and promotional messages, making them suitable for promotional packaging. They are often used for distributing samples, giveaways, and promotional items at trade shows, events, and marketing campaigns.

Automotive Packaging: Wicketed poly bags find applications in the automotive industry for packaging small components, fasteners, and spare parts. The bags offer protection against dust, moisture, and scratches, ensuring that the automotive parts remain in good condition during storage and transportation. These are just a few examples of the applications of wicketed poly bags. Their versatility, convenience, and customizable features make them a popular choice for packaging a wide range of products in various industries. If you need customized wicketed poly bags, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.