Branded Plastic Bags can be Used by Businesses for “Free” Advertising – Hartford, CT

17 Mar 2017

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Plastic bags in Hartford, CT can be used for many different packaging applications. Most businesses across various industries make use of plastic bags of some sort. But in addition to being used to transport purchased goods, they can also be used by businesses as a means of “free” advertising.

Plastic grocery bags come in several sizes and shades and they can be customized. Companies can custom-print brand names, company logos, product variants, business locations, and even specific marketing messages on every plastic bag. Manufactured date and expiration date can also be added when the bags are used for packaging perishable products.

Branded plastic bags are great for business use. They make handling of purchased goods more convenient for customers. Some are gusseted so they can expand when needed for bulkier items. Unlike paper bags, printed poly bags do not tear when carrying heavy loads or wet products.

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