Custom Aclar Bags for Electrical and Health Commodity Packaging

30 Apr 2023

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Aclar Bags are a top support for the electrical and health care industries due to their moisture barrier capabilities.

Aclar is a flexible thermoplastic film made from fluorinated-chlorinated resins. It is considered a most effective product where moisture vapor prevention is of paramount importance. Aclar is a clear, poly-chloro-trifluoro-ethylene pharmaceutical packaging film for blister packaging. It is also being used as an oxygen barrier when flat embedding acrylic resins. In addition, it is customizable in thickness and size for cost-efficient blister packaging options. It is crucial in the packaging of pharmaceutical products to guarantee their safety, effectiveness, and quality. Its ultimate role is making sure that the product reaches the consumer in a secure and reliable manner and is protected for worldwide distribution.

It is perfectly suited in packaging pharmaceutical products because it adheres to fixation, dehydrating and embedding. Aclar major characteristics is being chemically inert, it will be sterilized and separates easily from epoxy resins. It enables a flexible, efficient thermoformable packaging platform in packing your products.

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