Custom Co-Extruded Poly Mailers Protect Goods in Storage and Transit

09 Dec 2022

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Atlantic Poly - Co-Extruded Poly Mailers

If you need to keep your goods protected during shipment, a co-extruded poly mailer is essential. They can do the following for your shipped goods:

  1. Protection: Co-extruded poly mailers are designed to protect items from moisture, dust, and other environmental factors during transportation. They are durable, tear-resistant, and water-resistant, helping to keep your items safe and secure during transit.
  2. Lightweight: These mailers are lightweight, which can help reduce shipping costs.
  3. Customizable: Co-extruded poly mailers can be printed with custom logos, designs, or shipping information, making them ideal for branding and marketing purposes.
  4. Convenient: They are easy to use and provide a secure seal, ensuring that your items stay protected throughout the entire shipping process.
  5. Cost-effective: Co-extruded poly mailers are a cost-effective shipping solution, offering reliable protection at a lower cost compared to other shipping options.
Using a co-extruded poly mailer will ensure your goods can reach their destination safe and intact. Contact Atlantic Poly to order high quality co-extruded poly mailers. We specialize in custom co-extruded poly mailers.

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We have a dedicated quote fax number: 781-769-5722. We have the largest inventory of stock poly bags in the northeast. Stock orders can be shipped within 24 hours. Atlantic Poly specializes in hard to find sizes and special applications. Ask about our Drop-Ship and Just-in-Time delivery programs. Imprinting up to six colors and 4 color process printing available. Ask about package design assistance for special projects.

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