Custom Poly Aclar Bags: Unrivaled Specialized Medical Packaging Is Here for You

14 Apr 2023

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Atlantic Poly - Custom Aclar Bag

Packaging of medical supply, most notably medicines, is vitally important. Here at our Boston-based Atlantic Poly we’ve been supplying the American medical community for decades now. As it pertains to poly packaging, you’ve arrived at the corner of quality and value. So let’s dive into some specifics of poly aclar bags.

It is crucial that effective packaging is the prime element in the pharmaceutical industry. It securely protects the drug during storage, sales, shipping, and use. The drugs being packed is the basis of the type of packaging to use as they will react to it. The goal is to pack the products for protection, safety, functionality, branding, and attractiveness. And for pharmaceutical products main objectives include chemical protection, portion control, containment, and security of the drug as well.

Aclar bags are commonly used in packaging of pharmaceutical products that protect the medicines from contamination and all external influences that will alter the drugs’ property. It is a flexible thermoplastic film made from fluorinated-chlorinated resins. It is the fluorine in its structure that gives the film excellent thermal and chemical stability that maintains the drug quality. Its packaging protects the product from physical damage including biological degradation. Aclar bags have clear and transparent features which are favorable in packaging the pharmaceutical products that need to disseminate information. These bags adhere to the distribution of pharmaceutical products that must have a proper and clear labelling or correct information that needs to be disseminated. In fact, there are life-saving drugs and medicines that require the utmost care in the form of cover, the reason why the packaging standards are strictly implemented and aclar bags are in full compliance of the packaging requirement.

Packaging of pharmaceutical products using custom-designed aclar bags is significant in the pharma companies. Because the primary packaging is crucial to protect the drug and not be affected by any other outside factor and ensure the medicine quality and its purity. It is guaranteed that it will hold solid medicines in place because aclar bags have excellent packaging that will not interact with the product during its entire life.

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