Custom Polypropylene Bags that Speak Volumes About Your Business

13 Mar 2023

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Polypropylene Bags

We’ve served a loyal customer-base for decades now and we appreciate each and every one of you. Those that know us celebrate that we produce and deliver the highest quality and best value-priced polypropylene bag packaging solutions on the market today. But what is not so widely known is the environmentally friendly nature of our poly products. Let’s dig into that for a moment and what it means to our environment, and equally important, to you and your business.

Our custom polypropylene bags are a superior choice to other plastic product offerings. Our products offer a low carbon footprint. No toxins are released even in the recycling process. This is a environmental accomplishment that you can advertise. Today’s consumers consider environmental impact in virtually every purchasing decision.

Our polypropylene products are fully recyclable and thus limit the flow of our products into landfills. Very important is the fact that they are fully customizable and can be decorated with traditional printing methods. Your customized brand and messaging can be affixed to every individual product.

When you need true quality, value, and environmentally poly products for your business, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc. We specialize in manufacturing custom polypropylene bags.