Gusseted Plastic Bags Have Distinct Feature – East Providence, RI

14 Apr 2017

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Polyethylene plastic bags in East Providence, RI come in various sizes, shapes and shades. Often they come with distinct features that make them more advantageous than other alternatives particularly in stock flexible packaging. For instance, gusseted plastic bags come with expandable sides and/or bottom to allow for more space.

When companies need plastic bags that are easier to use and can fit odd more content, gusseted plastic bags are an ideal and affordable option. The gussets in these bags are formed in the bottom to eliminate the “dog ear” corners that are commonly associated with flat plastic bags. The secret is that the gusseted bottom makes is so these the bags can even stand alone making them easier to use.

Gusseted plastic bags are made of low-density polyethylene resin which FDA- and USDA-approved. This means that these bags are safe for products intended for human consumption. So when packaging consumables, owners can have peace of mind knowing that the food products will be safe when stored properly.

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