Gusseted Poly Bags for Bulky or Irregularly Shaped Items – Wilmington, MA

03 Oct 2016

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Polyethylene bags in Wilmington, MA come in various sizes, shapes, and shades. Some poly bags can even better accommodate large or irregular items. Gusseted poly bags have gussets so that they can expand to accommodate more items or irregular within them.

Gusseted poly bags have corner folds that allow them to expand at the bottom. This allows them to be stuffed more without bulging in order to maximize the space. One big advantage of polyethylene bags is that in addition to being able to choose the size, thickness, and color of the bags, you can modify the dimension of the gusset so that the measurements of the flat bottom can fit the exact requirements of your application.

Gusseted polyethylene bags have an expandable pleat on both sides. As a result, any user can benefit from plenty of expansion space for bulky, square, or odd-sized items that do not fit well in flat bags. These gusseted poly bags give you a custom fit that protects contents against moisture, dust, and scratches

To find out more about gusseted polyethylene bags, contact Atlantic Poly.