Gusseted Poly Bags for Larger, Thicker, or Bulkier Items

30 Jun 2017

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Atlantic Poly Plastic bags in Hartford, CT

Plastic bags in Hartford, CT have many different uses. They are popular for small and large businesses so that customers can easily carry purchased items. Plastic gusseted bags are even more effective packaging solutions than standard T-Shirt bags.

The gusseted poly bags are one of the most useful and flexible types of plastic bags. They are made of polyethylene material and can be used for containing and transporting goods across all industries. Their design and size make them a more preferred bag over other smaller, less scaleable bags.

Gusseted plastic bags can be customized for certain applications as well. They are also perfect for carrying multiple items. The gussets make them expandable when extra space is needed. The gussets allow the side and bottom to expand for larger, thicker, or bulkier items.

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