Gusseted Polyethylene Bags are Best for Items in Bulk and Bulky Items – Boston, MA

04 Nov 2016

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Polyethylene bags in Boston, MA are made by heat sealing and film cutting. Rolls of tubing or sheeting are being fed through a machine that draws the packaging materials out to their proper dimensions. The machine then cycles to place a seal on the plastic and then cut them to make individual bags. Gusseting the poly bags makes them expandable during application.

Gusseted poly bags have expanded capacity. This means that there is material added to the bag so that it can conveniently increase in volume when needed.

Gusseted polyethylene bags are best for packaging both bulk items and bulky items. When bulk items need packaging, gusseted poly bags can be your best bet for ease of handling. Gusseted poly bags are also great for bulky items such as breads and other baked goods, gift bag items, and more.

To find out more about gusseted polyethylene bags, contact Atlantic Poly.