How to Maximize The Potential of Branded Plastic Bags – Hartford, CT

21 Apr 2017

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One way companies can maximize the use of plastic grocery bags is to have them custom-printed with relevant details to unlock and maximize their marketing potential. These bags are a cost-effective marketing tool for any grocery or specialty store. Atlantic Poly is a partner that can provide the professional printing services needed for branding on plastic bags.

Branded plastic bags from Atlantic Poly are known for their strength and versatility. While these poly bags offer the needed packaging solutions, they can also serve another purpose – as marketing tools. More and more companies are realizing that they have been missing out on using these bags for more than just packaging.

Owners of groceries, deli's and specialty shops can benefit from customizing printed poly bags in Hartford, CT. The company logo, brand name, slogan, store locations, contact details, and more can be printed on the bags. They are also available in various colors and sizes. As a matter of fact, a design can be decided upon and printed on variously sized bags.

To find out more about branded plastic bags, contact Atlantic Poly.