Pharmaceutical Supply Packaging Services: Aclar Bags

31 Mar 2023

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Atlantic Poly - Aclar Bags

Atlantic Poly Inc. has manufactured and delivered Custom Aclar Bags for decades. No other poly producer in America matches the value and quality of the widest assortment of American-made poly products.

Our focus today is aclar bags commonly used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries to package and protect sensitive items, such as drugs, medical devices, and samples. It guarantees that the sterile products it enclosed are protected for worldwide distribution including tropical areas.

Aclar Bags are ideal for long-term storage of hygroscopic powders and similar materials. Because of its flexible thermoplastic film made from fluorinated-chlorinated resins, the fluorine in its structure gives the film excellent thermal and chemical stability. It is one of the best moisture vapor barriers among transparent films. It is significantly used because it meets the increasing barrier and shelf-life requirements of even the most demanding drug formulations for all climate zones. It is crystal clear, biochemical inert, highly resistant to most chemicals and sterilizable by heat or radiation. It is the reason why it is used widely in pharmaceutical, medical, sensitive electronics and military packaging. The high clarity of Aclar bags being transparent to see the contents inside, is highly favorable for quality control and product identification. In addition, because of its non-stick property, glass clarity, flexibility and smooth surface, Medical-Grade Aclar solves a variety of challenges associated with the processing of cultured cells for all types of microscopies, sterilizable, etc. With the use of Aclar bags, it meets the highest protective barrier and shelf life standards that are available in thermoform.

Aclar Bags are preferred by pharmaceutical companies for blister packaging and other healthcare packaging. Because its material is made of flexible PCTFE film provides unsurpassed moisture barrier properties for health care and industrial applications.

If you require high-quality Aclar Bags, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc. We specialize in custom medical-grade Aclar Bags.