Plastic Bags For American Jobs

28 Feb 2014

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Plastic bags are 100% recyclable, reusable, made from natural gas, not oil, and a sustainable choice for consumers, communities and businesses. What’s more the plastic bag manufacturing and recycling industry is a uniquely American industry that employs more than 30,000 Americans in 349 plants across the country.

Bans and taxes on plastic bags are misguided policies that don’t make sense. They don’t help the environment, force less sustainable options, threaten local manufacturing jobs and raise grocery costs for consumers.

Instead of banning a reusable, 100% recyclable, American-made product, recycling solutions can help reduce litter, give consumers a choice, and protect American jobs.

Plastic grocery bags are the best checkout option for our environment

  • On a per bag basis, plastic bags are more resource efficient, reduce landfill waste and generate fewer greenhouse gas emissions.
    • They take up a lot less space in a landfill: 1,000 plastic bags weigh 13 pounds; 1,000 paper bags weigh 114 pounds.
    • They generate 80 % less waste than paper bags.
  • American plastic bags are made from natural gas, NOT oil. In the U.S., 85 percent of the raw material used to make plastic bags is produced from natural gas.
  • Recycled plastic bags are used to make new plastic bags and building products, such as backyard decks, playground equipment, and fences

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