Poly Garment Bags Protect Expensive Wardrobes for Dry Cleaners– Wilmington, MA

29 Dec 2015

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Your clients’ expensive wardrobe is an investment. Just like other investments, the clothes in this collection deserve proper care. Poly garment bags in Wilmington, MA are the perfect way for dry cleaning companies to care for, protect, ship and store clothes for clients.

Proper care for expensive wardrobes requires the right kind of detergent, dry-cleaning, ironing, protection, and storage in order to preserve the color, print, and quality of the cloth. It is important to ensure that all the clothes in your care are protected from dust, dirt, or other elements that could stain or damage the wardrobe. For this reason plastic garment bags are perfect for dry cleaners and tailors. Some dry cleaner bags only accommodate one garment, but others have gusseted sides to make it possible to accommodate more than one piece of clothing in each bag.

Polyethylene garment bags come in various forms, opaqueness, and sizes. They assume the shape of the clothes for which they provide protection and can have sloped shoulders, bust forms, pre-slit hanger holes, hanger covers, or zippers. In addition to the wide array of color choices, poly garment bags can be clear, translucent, or opaque depending on the specific needs of your business. Additionally, they can be custom-designed with the company logo, brand name, or other messages.

To find out more about polyethylene garment bags, contact Atlantic Poly.