Polyethylene Dry Cleaning Bags Keep Clothes Clean, Dry, and Wrinkle-Free while in Storage – Manchester, NH

17 Jun 2016

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If you own a dry cleaning business, the last thing you would want your customer to do is see their clothes bunched up and wrinkled. There are poly garment bags in Manchester, NH that can be used to protect all types of clothes, carpets, blankets, draperies and other cloth items for highly satisfied clients.

Dry cleaning bags are made of clear, opaque, or colored plastic and make storing clothes easier without wrinkles and keeps them free from dirt, dust and pests. When customers claim their clothes they are clean, dry, protected and wrinkle-free. Dry cleaning bags also allow the garments within to breathe so they remain smelling fresh.

Clear plastic garment bags allow the storage of clothes on hangers with hanger holes and shoulder to easily hang clothes after dry cleaning. Garment bags can also be customized to allow for faster identification and tracking.

To find out more about polyethylene dry cleaning bags, contact Atlantic Poly.