Polyethylene Garment Bags are Designed to Provide Protection for all Types of Clothes On Display or During Delivery – Boston, MA

19 Apr 2016

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Clothing can be expensive, which is why retailers, vendors, designers and dry cleaners need to do everything possible to provide the right protection all the time. An easy way to do this is to use plastic garment bags. These protective bags are made from ultra-thin, low density polyethylene which guarantees a high quality of protection while being lightweight. This means there is no additional weight to the garments during transit.

Poly garment bags in Boston, MA provide protection for garments of all kinds during display or delivery. In fact, these bags are the most economical way to keep your garments free of dust and dirt during storage and while in transit. They are also perfect for displaying garments because they are custom-designed with hanger holes and shaped shoulders.

From formal to casual, from bed clothes to outer coats, all types of clothes and textiles can be perfectly protected within polyethylene garment bags. For instance, garments to be hung for seasonal storage can be placed within the bags to prevent them from accumulating dust and moths over time. Garments can also be placed inside the bags before being shipped. And when they reach their destination, they are still easy to hang.

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