Polyethylene Stretch Film Offers Tight Load Unitization for Easy and Secure Product Handling – Worcester, MA

12 Oct 2015

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Safely and effectively shipping products from the factory or warehouse to customers or distributors can be frustrating and costly for many companies. Loosely stacked or hand-unitized pallet loads can shift and topple while being transported which can result in damages to products. For this reason, stretch film wrapping can be used to minimize these issues.

Machine-wrap stretch film in Worcester, MA has made tight load unitization possible. Now, stretch film has become one of the most widely used packaging materials because it does more than just improve load handling. Stretch film can also help increase worker efficiency, boost workplace safety, and decrease distribution costs.

Polyethylene stretch film has replaced more expensive forms of pallet packaging such as strapping. In addition to being highly elastic, this film has superior puncture resistance and excellent clarity. The stretch wrapping equipment delivers evenly shrink wrapped and effectively unitized load. Consistent tight containment ensures improved product protection during shipping so that everything arrives at the customer’s doorstep safely, undamaged, and complete.

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