Recycle and Reuse Plastic Bags in Norwood MA

08 May 2014

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Polyethylene plastic bags are handy enough to carry a substantial amount of items. They are also the perfect medium for advertising a brand in the most affordable and convenient manner. They can be custom-printed and still be very economical for most business to afford. Today, plastic bags are being misconstrued and regulated, when they should not be.

Paper bags vs plastic bags
Plastic bags are much more convenient than paper bags. Unlike paper bags that easily wear out when placed with heavy objects, polyethylene plastic bags of Atlantic Poly are stronger and do not give in as quickly.

Now biodegradable
Most people keep from using plastic bags because they were told that these are non-biodegradable. Recently, a new additive has been introduced that is proven to make Polyethylene molecules become biodegradable.

Use and reuse
Because of the load they can bear, polyethylene plastic bags are being reused more often but littering has given plastic bags a bad name. In the past littered plastic bags were slow to degrade or did not degrade at all. If only such practice was corrected back then, we would not be trying to get rid of this useful product now. Now that plastic bags are biodegradable, there is no sense in getting rid of them anymore. Instead, everyone must use and reuse them.

Cycle of recycling
Plastic bags can be recycled to produce plastic bags forever. Paper bags “down cycle” therefore have a limited recyclable life span because the fiber deteriorates too much after repeated re-pulping. Also, plastic bags can be squeezed and made into new plastic bags in minutes, whereas paper costs more time and money to recycle.

This leaves us to the part where we stop giving polyethylene plastic bags a bad name just because they are not made of paper. Correspondingly, efforts on recycling and reusing it must be continued and improved.