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Custom Gusseted Poly Bags: Versatile And User Friendly

- Thursday, November 30, 2023
Atlantic Poly, Inc. - Gusseted Bag

Most items or products in restaurants, markets, bakeries and even in any business with products that need to be packaged, gusseted poly bags are the best solution. Gusseted poly bags are versatile. They are flexible and come in all shapes and sizes so it is easy to find one that fits your needs.

There are enormous benefits of gusseted poly bags. It is no wonder most businesses are opting for this type of packaging more and more. They have extra polyethylene on the bottom and or sides that will expand and accommodate large amounts or bulky items. These gusseted polyethylene bags will stand upright on their own. Because they have flat bottoms, gusseted poly bags will stand upright without support when they are filled. This is a great way of displaying and storing without worrying about spilling. Further, this will keep the product in a stable position and makes packing an easy task. In addition, gusseted poly bags take up less space. Though it will fit more in them, it takes up less space on a shelf than other types of packaging which means that you will store and display more products. Lastly, gusseted poly bags are portable. Since they are made of lightweight materials and the weight of the contents is distributed evenly, it is easy to carry and move from one place to another.

Their strength, versatility, and ability to expand make them ideal for a number of packaging needs. Gusseted plastic bags' ability to expand, offer a great packaging solution for businesses with products that are large, bulky, or oddly shaped. It is for this reason that gusseted poly bags are perfect for packaging and are affordable yet high quality packaging solution.

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Happy Thanksgiving From Atlantic Poly

- Monday, November 20, 2023
Atlantic Poly - Happy Thanksgiving From Atlantic Poly

Greetings all from the blog team here at Atlantic Poly. Thanksgiving, 2023 is just around the corner. We thought it would be appreciated to craft a Thanksgiving-focused blog a bit earlier than usual to give all our readers time to reflect and hopefully act upon the important things before we become too “holiday busy” to do so.

The Thanksgiving holiday conjures an assortment of emotions within all of us. For some, this is a time to reflect upon blessings, current and past. Thanksgiving is an invitation to pause and give thanks for the simple things we might take for granted. Things like the love of family, food on the table, and even for life itself.

Here at Atlantic Poly, we never take you, our clients, service providers, employees, family, and friends for granted. Today’s blog post is dedicated to you with hope and trust that this note finds you happy, healthy, thankful, and surrounded by those you hold dear.

Custom Wicketed Poly Bags: Bag for Life

- Thursday, November 16, 2023
Atlantic Poly, Inc. - Wicketed Poly Bags

Wicketed poly bags are perfectly applicable for food and non-food packaging needs. Our custom manufactured wicketed bags are stacked plastic bags that are held together on a thin metal bar (or wicket) that makes dispensing faster and easier. It features a narrow lip with punched holes that allow the wicket to pass through. These bags are very popular because they are lightweight and easy to carry around.

Wicketed bags are used for carrying items, storing items, and protecting them. They are available in various sizes and styles for a multitude of applications. It is approved by FDA and USDA specifications for food contact. They are known for their durability. They are less vulnerable to tearing and are resistant to many chemicals. They will also be folded up easily and stored when not in use. These wicketed poly bags outperform paper or cloth bags when it comes to protecting the contents from rain or water. This is the reason why these wicketed poly bags are best known because of its advantages for use when you buy fresh produce from the grocery store or farmer’s market. The food will stay fresh longer if it is kept in a wicketed bag as there will not be as much air getting into it, which will be the cause of bacteria growth. They are normally made of low-density polyethylene for durability and moisture resistance. Further, these wickets hold bags up to make it easier for bakery employees or other stores to wrap and package the product.

There are many benefits of wicketed poly bags and by recycling them thoroughly, both consumers and businesses will benefit from their utilization in an eco-friendly way. Moreso, wicketed bags are also highly customizable and will come in various colors. If you want to add the company's logo to each bag, it will help more with brand awareness.

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Holiday DIY Crafts and Projects with Custom Gusseted Poly Bags

- Wednesday, November 15, 2023
Atlantic Poly, Inc. - Gusseted Plastic Holiday Goody Bags

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to infuse your celebrations with a touch of handmade charm than by incorporating gusseted poly bags into your festive crafts? These versatile and often underestimated bags can be transformed into a myriad of delightful creations that not only showcase your creativity but also add a unique flair to your holiday decor.

Here are some holiday projects you can craft using gusseted poly bags:

Gusseted Poly Bag Advent Calendar:

Create a festive advent calendar using small gusseted poly bags. Fill each bag with tiny treats or trinkets and hang them in a decorative arrangement.

Snowman Treat Bags:

Turn gusseted poly bags into cute snowman-shaped treat bags. Fill them with candies or small gifts, and then decorate the bags to resemble snowmen using markers, googly eyes, and construction paper.

DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping:

Use gusseted poly bags as an alternative and unique gift-wrapping solution. Decorate the bags with holiday-themed drawings, stickers, or stamps, and tie them with festive ribbons.

Christmas Tree Ornaments:

Cut gusseted poly bags into small shapes, such as stars or Christmas trees. Decorate them with glitter, paint, or other embellishments, and hang them on your tree for a homemade touch.

Gusseted Poly Bag Wreath:

Create a holiday wreath using gusseted poly bags. Cut the bags into strips, twist or tie them together, and attach them to a wreath form. Add holiday decorations like ornaments or bows for extra flair.

DIY holiday crafts with gusseted poly bags offer a cost-effective and creative way to add a personal touch to your celebrations. You can also start a business from these crafts. If you need high quality gusseted poly bags, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

Custom Bulk Branded Poly Bags: Product Presentation that Sells

- Tuesday, October 31, 2023
Atlantic Poly, Inc. - Printed Poly Bags

Custom printed poly bags are pocket-friendly, affordable marketing, and advertising tools. It is light and handy because many customers are using it. These printed poly bags are excellent in packaging and marketing use.

The use of printed poly bags is enormous. From packaging in supermarkets, stores, various businesses, events, and gatherings for different types of audiences, printed poly bags are generally used. It is conveniently used in transporting goods and handling purchased goods. It is significant in the marketing arena since these bags will be used as a means of ‘free’ advertising. It is customizable that this allows stores to share their brand with a larger audience. In addition, these custom-printed poly bags are commonly used for corporate events, trade shows and as conference giveaways. It creates several possibilities that easily meet the company’s branding purposes. Companies will custom-print their company names, logos, artwork, and brand-specific marketing messages on each poly bag to make them stand above the crowd and spread brand awareness. These custom-printed poly bags are available in various colors and thicknesses by leading sellers, and other plastic companies.

Finally, the printed poly bags are of high-quality, and reliable enough to hold all kinds of products. Some custom-printed poly bags will be recycled and reused for a number of uses in the future. It increases brand visibility and accommodates specific product needs.

If you need printed poly bags for your business, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

Custom Perforated Lip Bag for Long Shelf Life of Food Products

- Saturday, October 28, 2023
Atlantic Poly, Inc.

A perforated lip bag is a type of packaging specifically designed for food products, providing convenience, freshness, and easy access for consumers. The perforated lip refers to a tear-away strip at the top of the bag that allows for easy opening. These bags are commonly used in the food industry for various purposes, including packaging and storing a wide range of food products. Some common uses of perforated lip bags for food products include:

Bakery items: These bags are often used for packaging baked goods such as bread, bagels, cookies, and pastries. The perforated lip allows for easy opening, making it convenient for customers to access the products while keeping them fresh and protected.

Snack foods: Perforated lip bags are suitable for packaging a variety of snack items such as chips, pretzels, popcorn, and other dry snacks. The tear-away strip makes it easy for consumers to open and reseal the bag, helping to maintain the freshness and crispness of the contents.

Fresh produce: These bags are used for packaging fruits and vegetables, providing a breathable yet protective enclosure for items that require air circulation. The perforated lip allows for easy opening and can help to extend the shelf life of perishable products by maintaining the right level of humidity and ventilation.

Deli and prepared foods: Perforated lip bags are commonly used for packaging deli items, including sliced meats, cheeses, and salads. The convenient opening feature allows for easy access to the contents, making it practical for both retailers and consumers in deli and food service settings.

Frozen food products: These bags can be used for packaging frozen food items such as fruits, vegetables, and pre-packaged meals. The perforated lip facilitates easy opening, enabling consumers to access the contents without hassle while ensuring that the products remain well-sealed and protected from freezer burn.

Overall, perforated lip bags are a practical and versatile packaging solution for various food products, offering convenience, freshness, and protection for both consumers and retailers. They help to preserve the quality and shelf life of food items while providing a user-friendly and accessible packaging option.

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Common Uses of Custom Wicketed Poly Bags

- Saturday, October 14, 2023
Atlantic Poly - Custom Wicketed Poly Bags

Wicketed poly bags are a popular type of packaging used in various industries due to their convenience and efficiency. They typically consist of a stack of poly bags attached to a metal wicket for easy dispensing. Some common uses of wicketed poly bags include:

Food packaging: Wicketed poly bags are often used for packaging various food items such as bread, baked goods, fruits, and vegetables. They help to maintain the freshness and quality of the products while providing a convenient and hygienic packaging solution.

Apparel and textile industry: These bags are commonly used for packaging clothing items, fabrics, and textiles. They offer protection from dust, moisture, and other environmental factors, ensuring that the products remain in good condition during storage and transportation.

Industrial applications: Wicketed bags are utilized in various industrial settings for packaging small parts, components, and hardware. They provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for organizing and transporting items in manufacturing and assembly processes.

Pharmaceutical and medical packaging: These bags are used to package medical devices, components, and small equipment. They help to ensure the sterility and integrity of the products, making them suitable for use in healthcare facilities and laboratories.

Retail and promotional packaging: Wicketed poly bags are often used for retail packaging of small items such as toys, stationery, and promotional materials. They offer a clear and visually appealing packaging option that allows products to be displayed attractively to customers.

E-commerce and shipping: Wicketed poly bags are commonly used in e-commerce for packaging and shipping various products, including small to medium-sized items. They provide a lightweight and durable packaging solution that helps to protect goods during transit and delivery.

Household and consumer goods: These bags are utilized for packaging a wide range of household and consumer products, including kitchen supplies, pet food, and personal care items. They offer a convenient and secure way to store and transport these products while keeping them protected from external elements.

Overall, wicketed poly bags offer a versatile and practical packaging solution for a diverse range of products across different industries, making them a popular choice for manufacturers, retailers, and consumers alike.

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Innovations in Design: How Customizable Poly Medical Bags are Enhancing Patient Care

- Saturday, October 07, 2023
Atlantic Poly, Inc. - Poly Medical Bags

In the fast-evolving landscape of healthcare, patient comfort and streamlined care have become top priorities. Customizable poly medical bags have emerged as pivotal tools, redefining the patient care experience. With a focus on tailored solutions and advanced functionalities, these bags are reshaping the way medical supplies are managed and accessed, ultimately improving patient outcomes and comfort.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

Customizable poly medical bags are not just containers; they are personalized solutions catering to diverse medical requirements. Equipped with specialized compartments and adjustable closures, these bags ensure that each patient receives tailored care, optimized for their specific treatment needs.

Advanced Features for Seamless Functionality

Gone are the days of basic storage. Modern poly medical bags come with advanced features, including specialized compartments and innovative labeling options, improving workflow efficiency in healthcare settings. These features streamline access to supplies and enable better monitoring and tracking, enhancing the overall healthcare experience.

Patient-Centric Design Approaches

Patient satisfaction is central to the design of these bags. They incorporate patient-centric design elements such as comfortable carrying options and easy-to-use closures, contributing to a more positive and comfortable healthcare journey.

Integration of Technology for Enhanced Monitoring

Integrating technology within these bags allows for real-time monitoring of vital information, ensuring the safety and integrity of medical supplies.

Customization for Various Healthcare Settings

Recognizing the diverse healthcare environments, these bags are tailored to specific requirements, whether in bustling hospitals or home healthcare scenarios. Their adaptability and customization options optimize efficiency and seamlessly integrate into various healthcare settings.

Collaborative Efforts for Practical Solutions

Collaborations between designers and healthcare professionals have been instrumental in driving these innovations. By combining expertise, they have developed practical design solutions, addressing critical challenges faced in patient care.

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, customizable poly medical bags stand as a testament to the industry's commitment to patient-centric care, making a significant impact on the overall healthcare experience.

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Custom Eco-Friendly Quick Zip Bag Manufacturing Solutions

- Saturday, September 30, 2023
Atlantic Poly, Inc.

With the shift to eliminate plastic waste, many supermarkets have reported swapping their storage vessel for extra zip bags with a reusable alternative. This is commonly used by food companies and surveys show that consumers are willing to pay 14% more for products in resealable packaging.

Quick zip bags give products added protection. The most important is the added protection that will extend the life of the product by protecting it from dust, dirt, wear, and tear. It gives peace of mind as zippers and lets people know that the product is securely locked in. By protecting the longevity of the product, it increases consumer satisfaction and in turn boost brand loyalty. In addition, quick zip bags are reusable hence they will be made from recyclable materials such as biodegradable films making it environmentally friendly. Further with the use of quick zip bags, it gives great benefits to the retailers. The resealable packaging will make it easier for retailers to display the item because most bags have holes or hooks that will allow you to display the products in a vertical position. Displaying items is very advantageous because it will allow the retailer to save shelf space and more products to be on display.

Lastly, with the use of quick zip bags, it helps the product stand out from the crowd. When consumers are shopping and picking a product, they easily have a snap judgment and rely on their sensory cues to choose the best product. Being translucent is significant because the shoppers will know exactly what they are getting before they even open it up. This creates brand loyalty since the zip bags will be useful to the consumer and user-friendly.

For high-quality custom-made quick zip bags, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.

Quick Zip Bags: Keep Products Safe and More Hygienic

- Monday, September 25, 2023
Atlantic Poly, Inc. - Quick Zip

They are reusable and have a self-sealing part made of PE material with high durability. This type of bag is used a lot in supermarkets, stores and other outlets and being used in packing purchased items, preserving household items such as food management, electronic components, and a lot more. Quick zip lock bags will help you divide goods, tools, and components to preserve them in a safe way.

Quick zip bags offer versatile uses. It helps preserve all types of fresh or dried foods. Thanks to the bag, the food will be protected from light, air, and moisture for a longer shelf life. In supermarkets, it is very usable in packing purchases and protects the items until they reach the destination. Shipping of products is ensured and well-protected. Using the quick zip bags will also hold all liquids without being afraid of spilling out during the movement. And in drugstores, using zip lock bags for medical items or small items at home helps to avoid frequent loss. Everything becomes easier to find and neater. In addition, quick zip bags provide stylish protection for your products. Most importantly, the added protection will extend the life of the product by protecting it from dust, dirt, wear, and tear. Further, it will give the consumer peace of mind because of the zip locks that people know the product is securely locked inside the bag.

Finally, with quick zip bags consumers make a snap judgment and rely on what they see to easily choose the best product. Most quick zip bags are translucent, letting the consumer know exactly what they are getting before they even open it up as opposed to using a box in packaging materials. Lastly, quick zip bags allow you to get truly unique with your packaging design.

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