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T-Shirt Poly Bags: Extremely Cost-Effective And Easy To Use in Packing

- Monday, March 20, 2023
Atlantic Poly - T-shirt Bag

Plastic t-shirt bags are so affordable when compared to cloth bags or paper bags. If you are a business owner and want to buy these bags in bulk, you will save a lot of money. It is biodegradable. The bacteria will easily decompose these bags because of the materials used. And these plastic t-shirt bags are faster to bag the goods in bringing home the groceries which saves a lot of time for busy cashiers. At the same time, it is also used to carry almost everything when moving around.

T-shirt bags are very much in demand not only because of its enormous uses but it also gives attraction to handle the goods purchased. When you hold up a plastic t-shirt bag with its handles, it will look more like a sleeveless t-shirt hence the name. T-shirt poly bags are so easy to open and pack. It is very efficient in attending to a lot of customers. Because you will easily pack the items using these bags and go. It does not need any space as paper bags to store that is the reason why plastic t-shirt bags will lay very flat and accommodate many items inside. At the same time there are custom t-shirt bags that are easy to carry since their handles are easy to hold, and do not cut the hands while shopping. In addition these t-shirt poly bags are customizable. If you want to print your business name on it, logo and other important information, you will. Further, these bags are reusable. It ensures that you reuse them to bring home the next batch before discarding them as long as the quality is pretty good. Most business owners prefer these kinds of bags because of its durability and being weatherproof. These bags outlive paper and cloth bags as well as provide protection from rain, water, etc.

It is very useful that is why it is very undeniable why many people prefer these plastic t-shirt bags. They are so durable and yes, very attractive unlike other forms of plastic bags. Ensure that you buy from the right supplier of these bags that offer the best thickness and dimensions.

Contact Atlantic Poly for customized t-shirt poly bags.

Custom Polypropylene Bags that Speak Volumes About Your Business

- Monday, March 13, 2023
Polypropylene Bags

We’ve served a loyal customer-base for decades now and we appreciate each and every one of you. Those that know us celebrate that we produce and deliver the highest quality and best value-priced polypropylene bag packaging solutions on the market today. But what is not so widely known is the environmentally friendly nature of our poly products. Let’s dig into that for a moment and what it means to our environment, and equally important, to you and your business.

Our custom polypropylene bags are a superior choice to other plastic product offerings. Our products offer a low carbon footprint. No toxins are released even in the recycling process. This is a environmental accomplishment that you can advertise. Today’s consumers consider environmental impact in virtually every purchasing decision.

Our polypropylene products are fully recyclable and thus limit the flow of our products into landfills. Very important is the fact that they are fully customizable and can be decorated with traditional printing methods. Your customized brand and messaging can be affixed to every individual product.

When you need true quality, value, and environmentally poly products for your business, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc. We specialize in manufacturing custom polypropylene bags.

Anti-Static Bags: Keep Item Safe and Person Transporting IT

- Monday, March 06, 2023
Atlantic Poly - Anti-static Bags

Welcome back to our Norwood, MA-based polyethene product manufacturing company blog. If you are new to us, than we’d like you to know that we manufacture fully customizable polyethylene bags, roll off liners, clean room bags, and an assortment of other poly products used within America’s manufacturing and transportation industries. Because of the quality and value-priced nature of our products, we’ve proud to be recognized as the most trusted American-made poly product producer for over 44 years now!

Today, let’s discuss just one of our celebrated poly products, anti-static bags.

Anti-static bags are commonly utilized by producers and transporters of hazardous and/or combustible materials. Poly anti-static bags serve the extremely important role of preventing naturally occurring electric energy buildup inside packaged volatile products. We are here to tell you today that not all anti-static products on the market today are equally effective. Quality and price matter. We deliver both!

Let us put it simply. If you do not use Atlantic Poly’s Custom Metallic Shielding bags, you are unlikely to be maximizing the safety of your hazmat packaging. Equally important, you are not enjoying lower business operations cost as there is no manufacturer that can match the value of Atlantic Poly’s products.

Allow us the privilege to explain to you personally how we do this. Contact Atlantic Poly anytime to talk or request a direct quote.

High Volume Commodity Producers – American-Made Poly Packaging Will Drive Your Profitability

- Monday, February 27, 2023
Wicketed Bag

For those of you new to us, our Norwood, MA-based polyethene product manufacturing company has served American commodity developers, moving companies, the medical industry, and every other industry where product protection is a core element of business. For over 44 years now, we’ve manufactured and delivered the highest quality and value-priced poly products available on the market today. Today we want to briefly discuss just one of our product offerings, the “wicketed poly bag”.

Wicketed poly bags are stacked plastic bags arranged neatly on a wire wicket and held in place with rubber washers. This totally improves the packing process because it eliminates the unpacking of bags from a box one at a time. It offers full support in handling and packaging of products.

It is favorable to use a wicketed bag because many people find that having neatly stacked bags of any size will increase the speed at which packaging operators will complete their tasks at the shortest possible time and increased efficiencies in dispensing offset the increased cost of the bag. These bags are commonly used for food and nonfood packaging. It is often held together with a thin wire (a wicket) and when packed together, the bags will be mounted on a blower that opens each individual bag. It is also ideal for a range of other uses such as packaging product parts or hardware for shipment or storing miscellaneous supplies. It is manufactured in many sizes, thickness of the material, and the value-added features necessary to meet your specifications. There are industrial packaging lines that are equipped with workstations designed to hold the wicket of bags in order that the packaging operator is free to easily remove a bag from the wicket after the product is placed inside. It is so user-friendly because its feature is so easy to close.

Wicketed bags are the best solution in making the packaging process more efficient that leads to increased profitability. It offers a significant role to operators in handling individual polybags in a short time. This gives the opportunity to control how faster and easier the product will reach the customers.

If you currently employ the use of wicketed bags in your business operation, you can increase service quality and decrease product cost by reaching out to us here at Atlantic Poly, Inc.

Food Producers: Choosing Low-Cost American Made Product Packaging Is Smart Business

- Monday, February 20, 2023
Atlantic Poly - Food Grade Stretch Film

Food (and other commodity producers) understand the critical role that stretch film plays in the packaging and product protection processes. A major mistake that far too many food producers make is the failure to assess the value of their annual stretch film business cost. There is a real tax on business profitability by continuing to use cheap foreign stretch film products that contribute to product loss and stains on your company’s reputation. We offer the highest quality and best value-priced American-made poly stretch film products available on the market today!

As you know, stretch films conform to the shape of the item being covered, theoretically providing a consistent and secure wrap. We use the word “theoretically” here because low-quality shrink wrap products often fail to deliver an air-tight and secure fit for the products they are assigned to protect. Yes, the choice of your shrink wrap manufacturer directly contributes to your business’ success. Our food-grade stretch film will dramatically reduce business loss and product returns. By so doing, we serve to dramatically improve your profitability, customer satisfaction, and positively contribute to your company’s reputation management.

Contact Atlantic Poly to see how you can cut your product packaging costs, improve product packaging quality, and drive your business’ profitability measurably higher.

Smart Moving Companies Chose Atlantic Poly’s Custom Stretch Film

- Monday, February 13, 2023
Atlantic Poly

Moving company profit margins are directly related to preventing damage to the goods they are entrusted in all phases of transport. Moving company owners fully understand the importance of “stretch film”, also known as shrink wrap that is prolifically used within the moving company’s industry to protect household goods from damage.

What many moving company owners do not understand, however, is the quality, effectiveness, and ultimately the value of your shrink wrap product investment options vary greatly. For decades now, Atlantic Poly has delivered singularly the best value for American-made customizable shrink wrap products. Here are some of the benefits of using our stretch film for furniture:

  1. Protection: Stretch film helps protect furniture from scratches, dust, and other types of damage during storage and transportation.
  2. Moisture Resistance: Stretch film acts as a barrier to moisture, helping to prevent damage to the furniture from exposure to moisture or dampness.
  3. Secure Transport: Stretch film helps secure furniture and prevent it from shifting or becoming damaged during transportation.
  4. Cost-effective: Stretch film is an affordable option for protecting furniture, especially when compared to other types of protective materials such as cardboard or foam.
  5. Easy to use: Stretch film is easy to apply and does not require any special tools or equipment.

Contact Atlantic Poly for a wide assortment of custom shrink films and other quality poly products that will help your moving company protect the goods under your care. This of course will contribute to higher profitability for your moving company.

Custom Pallet Covers: Protect and Promote Your Brand

- Wednesday, February 08, 2023
Atlantic Poly, Inc

We design custom pallet covers that not only secure and protect your material and equipment, but also promote your brand within storage and transit space. They are designed to protect cargo from dust, moisture, and other environmental factors. They come in customized sizes to fit all pallet sizes and can be secured with straps or seals to keep the cover in place. Our pallet covers can be used in a variety of industries to include food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and retail, to help maintain the quality and safety of the products being stored or transported.

Large pallet covers serve several important purposes:

  1. Protection: They protect goods stored on pallets from dust, moisture, and other environmental factors, ensuring the quality and safety of the products.
  2. Organization: Large pallet covers can help keep products organized and easy to identify, making inventory management and tracking easier.
  3. Transportation: Large pallet covers can protect products during transportation, helping to reduce damage and waste.
  4. Cost Savings: By protecting products from damage, large pallet covers can help reduce waste and lower overall costs for businesses.
  5. Compliance: In some industries, the use of large pallet covers may be required by regulations to maintain hygiene and safety standards.

If you are looking for high quality large pallet covers, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc. We specialize in custom large pellet covers.

Custom-Made Gaylord Poly Liners: Effective Protective Liner for Industrial and Commercial Use

- Friday, January 27, 2023
Atlantic Poly, Inc

Do you have a need for a specialized industrial commercial poly liner? You’ve landed at the right place. Here at Atlantic Poly we specialize in manufacturing custom quality poly products for the widest range of commercial needs. Today, lets discuss Gaylord liners which are a type of protective liner used in various industrial and commercial applications.

Gaylord Poly Liners are designed to provide a barrier between the contents of a container and the outside environment, protecting against damage, moisture, and contamination. The following are benefits of using gaylord liners:

  1. Protection against damage: Gaylord liners provide a layer of protection for the contents of a container, helping to prevent damage from impacts, moisture, and other environmental factors. This helps to ensure that products are delivered in the same condition as they were when they were shipped.
  2. Moisture protection: Gaylord liners are designed to prevent moisture from entering the container, helping to protect the contents from damage and deterioration. This is especially important for products that are sensitive to moisture, such as food, pharmaceuticals, and electronics.
  3. Contamination protection: Gaylord liners are also designed to prevent contamination of the contents of a container, helping to maintain the integrity of products and protect against contamination from the outside environment.
  4. Cost-effective: Gaylord liners are a cost-effective solution for protecting the contents of a container. They are made from durable materials that are designed to last, helping to reduce the need for costly repairs and replacements.

Easy to use: Gaylord liners are easy to use, making them a popular choice for a wide range of industries. They can be easily placed inside a container and secured in place, providing quick and efficient protection for the contents.

Customizable: Gaylord liners are also customizable, allowing for a perfect fit for any size container. They can be made in different sizes, shapes, and thicknesses, allowing for a customized solution for any application.

Gaylord liners are a great choice for protecting the contents of a container in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. We also specialize in custom gaylord liners. Contact Atlantic Poly, Inc for your gaylord liner needs.

Custom Teflon Bags: For Safe Storage and Handling of Food Products

- Friday, January 06, 2023
Atlantic Poly - Teflon Bags

Teflon bags, also known as teflon pouches, are heat-resistant and non-stick bags made from a material called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which is commonly known as Teflon.

These custom made bags are used to contain food items heated within microwave ovens without allowing the food to stick to the bag. Teflon bags can also be used for storage and transportation of food, keeping them fresh and free of moisture.

Why Use Teflon Bags?

  • Non-Stick Surface: Teflon bags have a non-stick surface, making it easy to remove food items without having them stick to the bag.
  • Microwave Safe: Teflon bags can be used in a microwave oven, making it convenient to reheat food.
  • Heat Resistant: Teflon bags are heat-resistant, allowing them to be used at high temperatures without melting or catching fire.
  • Chemical Resistant: Teflon is chemically resistant, so the bags do not break down or release harmful chemicals when exposed to certain substances.
  • Easy to Clean: Teflon bags are easy to clean and maintain, as food does not stick to them.
  • Food Safe: Teflon is food safe, so there is no risk of food contamination.
  • Durable: Teflon bags are durable and long-lasting, providing good value for money.

Contact Atlantic Poly to order your customized teflon bags.

Quick Zip Bags: Perfect for Storage and Perishable Packaging

- Friday, December 30, 2022
Atlantic Poly, Inc - Quick Zip Poly Bags

Poly quick-zip bags protect the widest variety of consumer products to include those things to be sealed for years all the way down to perishable products that must be exhausted in relative short order. They are perfect for food, medicine, dairy, beverage, daily supplies, and other specialty products. They are very useful and user-friendly given their resealable zip which allows users to easily access and store contents with ease. It is perfect for storage use and packaging because the product is visible and keeps out dirt and moisture.

Quick zip bags have been proven with their high-quality materials and useful size. The various sizes of bags are ideal for storing large quantities of food in the freezer or pantry. It depends on the use of the type of quick zip bags to use. Like freezer bags it is thicker than the regular zip-top bags. It makes them tougher and more durable when it comes to storing food. With the quick zip bags, it keeps the content products safe for a long time. The products will be securely locked in with a seal that does not allow any spillage or contamination. It has an eco-friendly option that will allow for repackaging. The bags will be opened or closed several times without losing their locking ability. It is a perfect packaging solution for medical products. The sturdy storage bags provide added protection to the contents. It keeps them away from all types of contaminants and damage.

The compact structure of the quick zip bags makes it convenient for use. With the clear display of products, it adds to the utility of the bags. The bags are devoid of side seams to make use of the maximum space available. It is very useful since these quick zip bags have a variety of features adding to their utility proving that it is cost-effective and reliable solution.

For more tips on Quick Zip bags, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.



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